Become a Partner of Aruba Cloud

Resell our Cloud Computing and Object Storage services in "White Label". See the Aruba Partner program and all the advantages of our partnership:

  •  Completely customizable White Label interface
  •  Make up your own final prices
  •  Control the access and the resources of your customers
  •  Resell very high quality Cloud services


Create and configure your infrastructure with a single interface. The Aruba Cloud Computing Visual Cloud allows you to view your complete Cloud infrastructure and manage it with just a few clicks.

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Product News

We are always working to improve our products and services:
Discover our new preconfigured Cloud servers, the perfect solution for developers. Create your first SSD Cloud Server and enter the Cloud world.
We have created a new enterprise service for our customers called the Private Cloud. Thanks to this solution you can create your own private data center and manage it with VMware vCloud Director.
With the new Domain Center you can now register and manage all your domains and their DNS configuration directly from your cloud control panel.
A new High Availability storage for your Virtual Machines: you can now create a high-perfiormance storage space shared among your Cloud servers through a private vLAN. 
Your control panel has been upgraded with a new feature enabling you to automate specific tasks on your Virtual Machines: Modify RAM and CPU, manage snpashots, reboot or switch off VMs...